Network Analysis

Sure your network is working, but should it be working better and faster? will provide a complete network analysis to find where the issues are or potentially will be. We can also provide intrusive security tests if you desire.

Data Center Design and Build

Are you working to build your Data Center? TechniCali will provide you with the necessary tools to properly design and avoid potential design flaws. Contact us today with all of the details that you have so that we can begin planning as early as possible!

Technology/IT Room Organization

Having an IT Room that is not organized is asking for problems! Just because it works, doesn’t mean that it wont stop working, and the longer it takes to dig to the problem, the most it will cost your business!

Also, one of the major causes of problems are tangled cables. As someone pulls on one cable, another cable becomes loose, causing a variety of issues. Don’t let that happen to you!