Active Services

Pro-Active Monitoring 24/7/365!

Whether it is your hardware, software, network, or cloud access that needs monitoring, we will ensure that you are monitored 24/7/365!

Cloud Services is able to provide a variety of different Cloud Services to better benefit your business.

Cloud Computing allows for more advanced features at an economical rate.

What are the benefits?
1. Reliability – Your service will always be available when you need it.
2. Remote access – You can access your service and your database from anywhere!
3. Performance – Your provider will ensure that there is optimal performance.
4. Managed Updates – Providers not only handle the updates, but they test the updates before applying them to live systems.
5. Cost – It is much more costly to license and host your own hardware and software than to use the cloud.

Spam Filtering

One of the most common pain points for an organization is spam. Not only is it time consuming and annoying, but it also eats bandwidth and slows down your network.

By implementing a cloud based spam filter, the vast resources of our data center handle the bandwidth and computing to filter out the spam. By the time the e-mail reaches your servers, there is no spam and therefore no waste of bandwidth or strain on your network and resources.